Four Winds Casino Hotel New Buffalo MI – Serving You Like No Other

The Four Winds Casino Hotel New Buffalo MI has been featured in the New York Times and it is considered one of the best casinos. It is located in the heart of the City of Buffalo and near the University of Buffalo. It has a beautiful casino floor, a five-star hotel, restaurants, and many activities for the families.

four winds casino hotel new buffalo mi

It offers world-class casino floor with tables and dealers that are world class at par with any other casino in the country. The Five Star Hotel is an open concept with a wonderful view from the rooms, comfortable rooms, and fabulous meals.

The casino floor is completely cleaned every night by the casino staff in a professional manner and staff members who truly care about the gaming experience. There are more than seventy slots and over a hundred tables on the floor with high quality games and props to enhance the casino experience. The customer service is top notch and the hotel staff is always ready to answer questions and concerns of the customers.

The restaurants offer fantastic meals that are exotic and delicious. They also have a day spa to give the guests a rejuvenating experience in a nice environment.

The Casino has a staff that will assist and provide assistance to any type of casino and they are the most professional of all casinos and have been around for many years. The staff is so professional that customers simply feel like they have a friend at the casino.

The hotel is fully equipped with a business planning expert on site that can assist you with your business and industry-related questions. They also offer expert consultation to customers who want their reservations renewed or who are looking for their casino and hotels guidebook.

The Four Winds Casino Hotel New Buffalo MI is simply the best in the state. If you are considering a casino vacation, it is definitely the place to be. The great hospitality, great restaurants, and excellent business center are reasons enough to check out this casino.