Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool Cleaning Reports

In February of 2020 the four winds casino hotel pool was finally cleaned. In November of last year, after suffering from the winter storms and many weeks of bad luck, the casino was reopened with a new, clean back splash. The casino was also protected from the winter’s harsh winds by a motorized walkway.

four winds casino hotel pool

The wind washes had covered the casino for so long that the casino cleaners were able to smell it several blocks away. Upon entering the casino they noticed that the air was too fresh and clean for a wet winter, therefore they were able to start cleaning the pools in only one day. With the high winds up north, the casino was closed during the winter months, but the pool can be seen running every day as the casino is open all year. While the pool is open, the casino has dedicated two extra guards and a guard house.

The casino hotel pool was cleaned and professionally shampooed for its stay, but because of the construction, the pool and spa were not cleaned after this makeover. This has turned into the four winds casino hotel pool cleaning job of a lifetime. Luckily, the casino employees were able to notice this problem in time to have the pool cleaned before the winter weather set in.

The winds have finally been cleared and now the casino is ready to take on the winter. When spring is around the corner, the casino will return to normal operation and everything will run as smoothly as ever. The casino has done a great job of cleaning and we look forward to bringing you the latest casino hotel pool cleanings reports in the future.

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Even though the casino hotel pool is cleaned, the casino staff will never overlook the maintenance of the casino, and they will always inspect the back splash, roller disco, and pool table for anything out of place. This type of commitment from the casino to ensure the safety of the guests at all times is rare, which is a plus in our book.

The casino hotel pool is cleaned every month and our team of professionals cleans the back splash, roller disco, and pool table for you for an extra fee. Our pool cleaners will perform a full round of cleaning once a week or even more if needed, depending on how full the pool is.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about the casino hotel pool. We want to help you with your pool care needs, which is why we offer a wide variety of pool supplies and equipment, including personal movers and use of a pool cover. If you are in need of anything from cleaning equipment to cleaning chemicals, we have the products for you.