Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates in Chicago, Illinois – A Review

“A Few Minutes From Downtown,” Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates in Chicago, Illinois are located in a prime location, right on the shores of the mighty Lake Michigan. “Less than half an hour’s driving distance from Downtown Chicago,” Four Winds offers an unparalleled experience of exhilaration, thrills and limitless gambling possibilities.

four winds casino hotel rates

Located between downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport, Four Winds Casino Hotel rates is also conveniently situated near the famous Kennedy Center and Chicago’s Midway Park. The hotel is centrally located and offers easy parking for guests who prefer not to have to lug their cars with them to the casino. Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates is also conveniently located near the downtown area shopping areas, including the historic Merchandise Mart. Shopping and dining options are also available on-site.

When one visits Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates, they will discover an exclusive dining room. Here, diners will find many exciting options in fine dining. The Three Diamond Restaurant offers five courses of food, which includes appetizers, appetizer choices, entrees, desserts, and coffee. All of the restaurants at the casino offer a complimentary beverage, although guests must drink from a cup provided by the casino. Additionally, the Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates includes an ATM. Guests wishing to withdraw cash will need to bring a form of identification.

The casino hotel has a wide selection of amenities including a full bar, lounge, and meeting rooms. Other features include an outdoor pool, high speed internet, telephone line, a fully stocked snack bar, laundry room, and a lounge that features plush sofas and comfortable chairs. Many guests choose to relax at the casino hotel’s clubhouse, which features a small kitchen and a variety of gaming stations for guests to enjoy their favorite games.

A convenient feature at Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates is that they feature complimentary shuttle service. This convenient service is provided to and from the airport on a daily basis. This convenient shuttle service allows guests to arrive at the casino and return home without the hassle of driving back and forth. Additional shuttle services are offered when traveling to and from other areas of the city. Additional shuttle services may be purchased upon request.

Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates in Chicago, Illinois is a prime choice for casino enthusiasts and travelers who travel frequently. Their reputation for great gaming and world-class service have earned their place as one of the premier casinos in the world. As they continue to grow, expect to see the Four Winds name gain popularity throughout the Midwest.