The Luxury of the Four Winds Hotel and Casino

four winds hotel and casino

The Luxury of the Four Winds Hotel and Casino

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Four Winds Hotel and Casino offers some of the most luxurious accommodations and entertainment for the discerning gambler. This historic hotel features a full casino including a separate gaming floor, live shows, restaurants, bars and lounges, and an entertainment lounge complete with snack bar and billiards tables. For those wanting to enjoy a more casual visit to the city’s heart, this hotel also features an upscale casino experience.

The Four Winds Hotel and Casino is surrounded by the beautiful Hoover Dam, giving it its namesake, which means “Four Waters.” The power of the dam provides the casino with electricity to power its many attractions. Because of the natural power source, it is possible to gamble without having to plug in, making Four Winds the most energy efficient casino in the country.

Included in the Four Winds Hotel and Casino are 5 indoor dining restaurants, which include Smokey Bones, Iron Belly, and Smoky’s BBQ. Outdoor dining venues include Oxhorn and Riverrock. This casino has eight separate bars and lounges with a world-class bar and restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner daily.

In addition to the standard casinos, The Four Winds Hotel and Casino also features slots, table games, and gaming stations. Specialty gaming offers include roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, and seven-card stud. The casino offers the best in entertainment including live bands, sports, dancers, comedy acts, concerts, and a variety of other entertainment. There is also the facility’s famous buffet that features delicious Mexican cuisine.

The Four Winds Hotel and Casino also include the Neon Room, which is located in the suite level of the hotel. This is the only Las Vegas hotel to feature a bowling alley and video poker machine. There is also an over-the-top casino room where patrons can relax in the surrounds of music, television, a large fireplace, and fine food. There are also a spa area and sauna.

There is so much more to enjoy at the Four Winds Hotel and Casino than the standard casino. Throughout the day, the hotel offers a variety of dining options and five cafes. The restaurants serve lunch and dinner daily and include the popular Oasis; Sky Cakes; Flower Box; The Pancake Pit; and the award-winning La Gondola restaurant.

The Desert Roost Cafe provides a unique dining experience where patrons can dine while sitting on the rooftop bar or while enjoying drinks in the outdoor dining patio. Similarly, the cafe-bar at the Atlantic Room is a great place to hang out. Further, the Casa de Amigos offers a fun atmosphere where guests can play bingo and enjoy live music throughout the day.

All in all, the Four Winds Hotel and Casino is a truly spectacular location to gamble and party. Whether you are a gambler who wants to win big or a discerning guest looking for the best possible places to eat and drink, there is no better casino experience in Las Vegas. The scenery and entertainment are nothing short of spectacular.