2022 Formula 1 Season Preview and Betting Odds

2022 Formula 1 Season Preview and Betting Odds

F1 Betting Preview for the 2022 Season

The earlier Formula 1 season was one particular of the most dramatic in the competition’s history. The fierce battle went to the wire, and I’m confident that a lot of of you cannot wait for the next campaign. That’s the subject of my F1 2022 season betting preview.

I explore the new rules, what the top teams and drivers have to offer, and I also take a look at the 2022 Formula 1 betting odds. I share my predictions and betting picks for the F1 season primarily based on all that at the end.

Ahead of I continue, let me make a quick disclaimer. I’ve worked with Barcelona preseason tests final results, rumors, and impressions from the prior season here. If you stumble upon this post later and want to bet on F1 futures soon after the campaign has started, make sure to analyze the actual results!

2022 Formula 1 Betting Odds

Let’s begin with the newest F1 2022 betting odds. They are an excellent signal of what the balance of energy may well be for the upcoming season.

Here’s what the ideal F1 betting internet sites on the internet offer you when it comes to the Drivers’ Championship.

  • Lewis Hamilton +160
  • Max Verstappen +300
  • George Russell +550
  • Charles Leclerc +850
  • Carlos Sainz +1600
  • Lando Norris +1600
  • Daniel Ricciardo +4000

All other drivers are priced at +6600 or greater, and I don’t feel they have any opportunity of finishing at the top spot. That’s why I won’t incorporate them here, but you can usually give it a shot if you feel adventurous! I’d still concentrate on the favorites, although.

For the first time in a although, the value for the primary contender is truly decent. Lewis Hamilton dominated the sport for a handful of years, but his streak was cut short final year. The odds for the Englishman are considerably greater compared to prior seasons.

You can get a juicy return for his primary rival and defending champion Max Verstappen as well. The Dutchman will be eager to defend his title. The big query is whether he will have the auto to do it, but much more on that later.

I’d add George Russell to the list of plausible champions simply because he will be driving a Mercedes alongside Lewis Hamilton. The boy could be the subsequent huge point, and I’m intrigued to see how he performs in a single of the ideal machines on the circuit.

The other guys above can be regarded sleepers.

If their cars are much stronger than expected, they have a shot at the title. Let’s take a look at the F1 Constructors’ Championship betting odds next.

  • Mercedes -150
  • Red Bull +333
  • Ferrari +375
  • McLaren +1400

After once more, I’ve only focused on the teams that have genuine shot at the title. I’m not shocked by the odds presented for Mercedes, but is Ferrari truly that close to Red Bull? The bookies consider so, and the Italians usually come back to challenge sooner or later.

And nonetheless, I think that Red Bull’s momentum should be adequate to preserve them ahead. It almost certainly will not be sufficient to catch the champs, but I share my thoughts below.

Key F1 2022 Rule Changes

Just before we speak about the teams and the drivers, it is pivotal to discuss the sport itself! Numerous believe that the F1 will be completely distinct in 2022 from what we saw in the previous few years.

The Formula 1 rule adjustments for the new season are the principal cause why. The teams will basically use brand new cars, which opens the door to fresh contenders. We do not really know how powerful every constructor is, and that is thrilling!

Right here are the biggest F1 rule alterations for 2022 explained.

The Price range Cap Is Decrease

The baseline spending budget cap of every group was $145 million final year, and it’s down to $140 million in 2022. In theory, that need to make Formula A single more competitive by lowering the resources the richer teams can invest.


Whilst I do not think this is a game-changer, it surely limits the huge names a bit.

They have to be a lot more cautious with their budgets, and that may have a constructive impact on how close the teams are.

Energy Units Are Now Frozen

The program is for Formula 1 to move on to hybrid engines that use sustainable fuel by 2026. That’s why the current power units are frozen from 2022 on, and the teams won’t be enhancing them.

This rule is a bit murky due to the fact they are allowed modifications that increase safety, reliability, and cost-saving. The question right here is whether some teams will attempt to bend the guidelines for gains. I’m inclined to say yes, but I anticipate FIA will be strict this time about.

New Tires and Tire Regulations

F1 cars will be on distinct tires for the 2022 campaign. The size adjustments from 13 to 18 inches, and there are a few new regulations as well. It is a enormous adjust due to the fact every single group will now have to adapt to a completely new set of tires.

Pirelli is nevertheless the sole supplier for all teams. The company has been largely reputable, but I’m sure all Formula 1 fans remember some of the exceptions!

It’s interesting to see how each and every team manages with the new tires. The automobiles will most undoubtedly be various as a outcome.

The good news is that a single of the other F1 changes in 2022 is connected to a lot more preseason testing. That ought to let all teams to make positive their machines are robust adequate for the upcoming races.

Easier Overtaking Incoming?

I’ve left my favored adjustments for last. A single of the principal ambitions of Formula 1 for 2022 is to encourage closer and much more competitive racing. The major obstacle in the prior handful of years was the “dirty air” from the front automobiles.

It would outcome in a large downforce loss for the contestants behind them. Naturally, that would affect the speed and overtaking opportunities. Many fans complained about the lack of action, and FIA took that seriously, by the appears of it.

Further Information:

According to F1 research, cars would previously lose 35% of their downforce when at a distance of 3-auto lengths or about 20 meters (65.6 feet) behind the car ahead of them. The number would grow to 47% when they moved to a one-automobile length or about ten meters (32.eight feet).

You do not have to be an engineer to understand how large of a disadvantage that is. It must be reduced to only four% and 18% respectively in 2022, according to F1’s calculations, thanks to a few new rules.

There will be over-wheel winglets for the initial time, and wheel covers return to Formula 1. The former should redirect the wake coming from the front tires much more effectively. The covers let an boost in downforce and will address the chaotic release of “dirty air.”

There are also major aerodynamic alterations integrated. The front wing and the nose will be diverse this year, and the main purpose is to boost downforce. If you add the new tires and a handful of smaller sized aerodynamic innovations, we should see a lot more of the following!

If the plans function nicely, the new F1 should be a joy to watch for all motorsport fans.

Formula 1 2022 Top Constructors Preview

It’s time to take a appear at the strongest F1 2022 constructors and talk about their probabilities. Predicting what’s going to happen is a challenging activity, but that’s how it must be before any races have been completed!

The much more uncertain the balance of power in Formula 1 is, the much better for the fans. And yet, we know that some teams will likely excel. Let’s talk about them.


I had to check when was the final time Mercedes didn’t win the Constructors’ Championship because I genuinely didn’t remember. It was in 2013, so that is eight in a row for the German giant. An additional title is definitely on the cards in 2022.

Mercedes showed the very best times in the 1st preseason test final results in Barcelona. Everyone is determined to strike back soon after the dramatic finale last year, and I consider George Russell will be a stronger companion for Lewis Hamilton than Valtteri Bottas was.


I anticipate constant overall performance from both drivers, and they need to have the very best vehicle on several occasions. And however, the distinction to the chasing pack need to be smaller sized compared to final season.

That may be a explanation to bet against Mercedes, but I’m not so sure. Let’s not neglect that Red Bull was the only accurate contender last season, while other teams must join the fight for the top spots a lot more typically in 2022.

The points will be distributed more evenly, so Mercedes ought to be able to win the 2022 Constructor’s Championship with fewer points. If you add Russell’s impact, I’m really satisfied to back the German organization as soon as again.

Red Bull Racing

There’s little doubt that the prior campaign was an enormous good results for Red Bull Racing. Max Verstappen won the Drivers’ Championship, and the group pushed Mercedes to the limit for the Constructors’ Championship.

I’m positive that Red Bull will want to go one particular step additional in 2022, and you can find some arguments in their favor. For a start, they kept both of their top drivers.

Verstappen and Sergio Perez obviously like and support each other. They will continue working with each other properly in the future, so that is a positive.

On the downside, I’m not sure that Red Bull’s auto will be the greatest typically adequate. At least a few other teams must be competitive, so that would make it significantly harder to regularly deliver podiums. Max ought to be able to do it, but I’m not so sure about Checo.

I believe the main focus will be on the Drivers’ Championship following a specific point, so I do not think Red Bull can beat Mercedes in the group rankings.


The early expectations and the most current F1 betting odds for 2022 suggest that Ferrari ought to challenge Red Bull for the second spot in the Constructors’ standings. I have my doubts about such a scenario.

The gap was large final year, and that is the important here.

Catching up will not be straightforward, even if the new Formula One particular rules can support. I think that Red Bull and Mercedes must nevertheless have the upper hand for at least the initial handful of months of the season.

The splits on the last day of the Barcelona preseason tests confirm my suspicions. I believe Ferrari is at present behind, and by the time the Italian side is close enough, the gap must be also sizeable.

Can Any person Else Challenge?

Betting on the F1 2022 season will be wild because I expect a lot of teams to fight for podium finishes. McLaren’s technique is to make the most of the new guidelines, as we clearly saw in the MCL36 reveal about a month ago.

The group should be close to the best, although the likes of Alpine, Aston Martin, and Williams will have their moments. I do not think any of them are true title contenders, though, and the 2022 Formula 1 betting odds confirm that.

2022 F1 Drivers’ Championship Best Contenders

Right after sharing my F1 2022 predictions for every team, it’s only all-natural to talk about the drivers also. We just had one of the most savage battles for the individual championship final year.

All indicators point at one more wild ride in 2022 too. Let’s take a appear at the best contenders for the F1 Drivers’ Championship.

Lewis Hamilton

1 of the greatest F1 drivers ever suffered the largest disappointment in his career at the finish of last season. Lewis Hamilton was touching the title when a controversial choice in the last race opened the door for Max, and the young Dutchman produced the most of the opportunity.

The British champion was so heartbroken that he practically left the sport. Lewis is back in 2022, even though, and he wants revenge.

Hamilton is amongst the most knowledgeable and talented drivers in Formula 1. He’ll also have 1 of the ideal automobiles. I’d say that is far more than sufficient to make him the principal favored, and the F1 betting web sites agree with me.

And yet, the most significant danger may well come from inside his personal group. The young and hungry George Russell is a true threat. I do not consider that the younger Englishman is quite there yet when it comes to beating his much more established teammate for the title.

Russell, even so, must finish ahead of Hamilton way much more frequently than Bottas did final year. That would consume some points and make Lewis’ job more challenging.

Max Verstappen

We all knew that Max Verstappen was going to win a championship at some point. The young Dutchman is destined to become an all-time fantastic as well, so I count on more good results for him.

He undoubtedly will be eager to continue building his legend in 2022. The biggest problem is that Red Bull is probably a step behind Mercedes right now, even though the other teams have narrowed the gap.

Verstappen will usually have to face competitors from Ferrari, McLaren, and some of the other cars on the grid. The job ahead is tough, but that applies to Lewis Hamilton’s quest for the championship as well.

I also think that Max should be much more mature this year.

He was involved in a couple of accidents last season that can adjust him for the much better. The pressure is decrease soon after the Dutch driver won his maiden title too.

In a way, Verstappen and Red Bull have practically nothing to prove. That is an excellent position to be in, so I feel that Max will compete for the title as soon as again.

George Russell

The F1 gambling odds for 2022, all fans and all specialists think that the title will go to Hamilton or Verstappen. It’s tough to argue with that, but I will leave the door open for George Russel as well.

The young driver showed a lot of guarantee in his early F1 days. He can be a menace in qualifying, and he even had a podium final year. Hamilton himself admitted that Russel is harmful.

If the veteran struggles in the early races, who knows what may possibly occur. Mercedes is the sort of group that wouldn’t get in Russell’s way if he shows potential to fight for the title. It is an unlikely scenario, but not an not possible one particular.

The Rest of the Bunch

Can somebody else realistically challenge for the F1 Drivers’ Championship in 2022? I’m going to have to say no. I expect a couple of wins for Charles Leclerc and some powerful moments from McLaren, but that will not be enough for a sustainable title run.


Former champs like Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso might surprise the big favorites each now and then also, but their vehicles are simply not competitive proper now.

We’re most probably going to witness yet another battler amongst Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, unless George Russell upsets the odds.

F1 2022 Season Predictions and Greatest Bets

If you have stayed with me by way of this long F1 betting preview for 2022, it’s time to share my predictions and very best Formula 1 bets primarily based on them.

Regardless of all the rule changes, I nonetheless count on a close fight among Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

The German group need to be ahead when it comes to the Constructors’ Championship, but I believe that the gap among Hamilton and Max will be tight after once again.

The reigning champ has the upper hand mentally and he could boost as a driver primarily based on the expertise from the preceding campaign.

At the exact same time, the other teams need to nevertheless be closer in 2022. They will have more podiums and even wins, specially Ferrari and McLaren.

With all of that in thoughts, here are my advisable bets.

  • Max Verstappen to win the Drivers’ Champions – Receiving a cost of +300 for Max is just as well very good to skip.
  • Charles Leclerc to beat Carlos Sainz (match betting) – I believe that the Frenchman is the significantly much better driver and he will comfortably beat his teammate more than the course of the season. The odds of -160 are somewhat quick, but they will only get worse when Leclerc finishes ahead of Sainz in a few races.
  • Guanyu Zhou to beat Valtteri Bottas (match betting) – A lot of men and women will be shocked by this a single, but hear me out. Bottas is on a downward trajectory as a entire, while rookie Zhou has a lot of prospective. They will be in the exact same auto, and the odds for the Chinese driver are set at +425. It is a lengthy shot, but it is worth a try with a small wager.

If you like the last two F1 bets, you need to verify out what else BetOnline has to offer. The sportsbook features a bunch of match bets like that for the upcoming season.

What ever you choose, I hope you like my betting guide for the 2022 Formula 1 season, and good luck!