The Windy City Experience

four winds casino hotel pool

The Windy City Experience

“Few” compared to other Chicago hotels, Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool is situated on the famous North Shore of Lake Michigan. With a warm and sunny climate year round, Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool promises the most spectacular sights and sounds for casino fans. “Less than an hour from Downtown Chicago, at the shores of the beautiful Lake Michigan, Four Winds offers an unmatched experience of thrill, excitement and unlimited winning opportunities.”

Located at the north shore of Lake Michigan at the southern tip of the Chicago city, the Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool offers the best gaming in the Midwest. The resort offers over four hundred rooms and suites of various sizes and accommodations. Each room or suite is beautifully decorated with a contemporary theme. The suites are fully furnished with all the modern amenities you would expect in a hotel room. Each suite has a separate entrance and exit doors for easy access.

Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool offers world-class dining, entertainment and shopping at their five hundred and twelve guestrooms, and deluxe five-star restaurants, bars, nightclubs and salons at their nineteen suites and townhouses. In addition to these amenities, there are many other activities, including thrilling sports, luxurious spa treatments, a full entertainment program, and an exciting sports book. The hotel also has a full restaurant service and the best of international cuisine at its restaurants.

When visiting Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool, enjoy the best of Chicago in the comfort and luxury of your own hotel room. The Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool offers a wide variety of services to suit every budget. Most of the hotels offer round the clock room service, free breakfast, a free shuttle to/from the hotel and a full complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. Other hotel amenities include cable TV, telephone, Internet access and telephone, fax, and telephone with voice mail. The hotel also offers a 24 hour fitness center, a spa treatment, sauna, an in-room salon and a health club.

Amenities include over eight hundred miles of beautiful beaches and a state-of-the-art health club with a full gymnasium and sauna. The Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool also provides a full casino gaming room with twenty-four hours of casino service, a poker room and a lounge area where you can entertain your friends or family.

You can take pleasure in the wonderful sights of the Windy City as you relax at the Four Winds Casino Hotel Pool and experience the pleasures of the Great Lakes or participate in a full casino gaming event in the casino. This casino has a variety of gaming options for both new players and seasoned players. The hotel also offers a casino room that is conveniently located near the main lobby, which means a walk to the front desk and your hotel room.